Here’s where the magic happens.

Okay, maybe not magic.  More like an odyssey in self-mutilation and self-castigation and self-all the other stuff that means you’re asking yourself a thousand times a day “wtf am I doing?”  That is a kind of magic – the kind that either takes your soul away or sets it free…

Current Stuff

I have a plan.  It’s not a great plan, but until something better comes along, I’m sticking to it.

Blood Lords: Insurrection is now fermenting in my virtual bottom drawer, (im)patiently waiting for another edit.  But it’s a doorstop of a book – and the one closest to my heart – so it’s going to take a while.

In the meantime, I’m in the first draft of Resurrection Plague. Once I’ve finished that one, then I’m on to Ash & Bone, which is outlined, while RP ferments.

So what the dickens are they all about?  Here’s the synopses, or the back-cover blurbs:

Blood Lords: Insurrection

blood_lords_coverChristian Blacksmith is born a slave and expects to die as one, like every generation before him since the human race lost the Ascension Wars.  Not that Christian knows about the Wars – his life and his knowledge is confined to the village of Four Horse Crossing, a place he can never leave due to the Brace on the back of his neck and the invisible Boundary around his village.

Trapped in a manufactured medieval society designed to control the population, Christian seethes with hatred for the Blood Lords.  When he defies them, he sets himself on a path that will make him question everything he knows about himself, his heritage, and his world.

Resurrection Plague

rp_coverA virulent pandemic brings the UK to a standstill as government services struggle to cope.  With bodies piling up in the morgues and even on the streets, four people set out on paths that are destined to collide, pushed to their limits as they desperately try to survive in a world plunged into sudden chaos.

Flick Dunbar makes the fateful decision to flee to the country with her two teenage children.   Ben Holloway makes a promise to a dying man to get his daughter to safety.  Office worker Grace Lively finds herself dangerously alone in a strange new world.  Daley Albright is forced to seek sanctuary with the last person in the world  he wants to see.

And as the flu creates a deadly mutation,  the survivors  are faced with  the ultimate question: how far  do you go before you stop being human?

Ash and Bone

asn_and_bone_coverHumanity is dying.  Forced to commit unspeakable acts for a people she loathes and doesn’t understand, the woman who calls herself Ash wanders the dying world looking for answers and a way out.  What does it mean to be human?  And can a person exercise free will in a body that isn’t theirs?


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